"He who knows no foreign language knows nothing of his own."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Our language courses

You can choose from our range of courses - all courses are always tailored to your requirements and your personal needs. We do not use any inefficient methods and we differ from other languages ​​in a more personal and individual approach. We will set everything up and adjust it so that it suits you. The courses are set up so that you can easily and pleasantly improve in a foreign language according to your needs.  

Languages you can choose from:

English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Slovak and others.


Sign in your employees for courses with high quality that are tailored to your issues. Lecturers come to your companies. 

Group courses

Sign in with friends or meet new people in group courses. After all, everything is easier with friends. 

Individual lessons

Do you prefer an individual approach, where the lecturer focuses only on you? In that case, the individual course is just for you! 

Senior courses

Are you a bit older but would you still like to improve your knowledge of foreign languages? Sign in! 

Sign your child up

Do you want your child to speak another language or does he/she have problems at school? Sign up for our elementary school club or a course directly with us! 

Courses for mothers with their children

Would you like to learn a foreign language and would you like your little one to learn something as well? You can learn together! 

Price offer is individual. We set it up according to the requirements you give us in your e-mail. Just contact us at office@elimo.sk/+421 940 920 070 and we will give you all the important information.



About us...


ELIMO is a language agency founded by an ambitious young lecturer who is very happy to transfer her knowledge from abroad not only to her lecturers, but also to her students. 

The lessons are given mostly by native speakers, who are excellent in their language, therefore students are forced to speak the chosen language in all lessons. 

ELIMO is a language agency that teaches in several world-famous companies and builds strong characteristics in its team of teachers. 

We try to give the best education to our clients and therefore we are constantly trying to improve not only the lessons as such, but also our personal education, so that we can provide only the best education on the market, which is otherwise formed by years of hard experience.  

Our lecturers have a very good and friendly relationship with their students coming from a communication on a daily basis. Our lessons are not about tedious memorizing of unnecessary Future Perfect Continuous, but we learn on the basis of fun and especially understanding of the language. 


Our courses are not based on quantity, but on quality, so we prefer smaller groups. Many of our clients come to us with bad experiences from other language schools, where there are many students in the class and the quality of education is very low - that's why such courses strictly avoid giving lessons in such fashion. 

We play many games with children and communicate mainly in the given language. After all, children will learn the best while having of fun! 

In companies, we focus on what your employees use on a daily basis at work, and what the company does.

If you are interested in another language, do not hesitate to contact us and together we will find a solution tailored to your needs and provide you with the best expert in the given language.


Why is our way of teaching the right one?


Čo o nás vravia iný? 


As a main benefit I would especially point out the effective use of time during our classes, whether it is various exercises or conversation lessons. Also a systematic approach when explaining and linking the subject help to speed up the learning process a lot. Last but not least, I really liked the reliability and punctuality of the lecturer.
Martin Smoľák
Konateľ, Robotech vision s.r.o.
If you need to improve your self-confidence in English conversations, if you need to learn to speak English fluently without bothering to think about the grammar, Henrieta is the right choice then. The courses are funny, interesting, you can always expect what is the best for the real English conversation. It's great to have a possibility to draw on the experiences of someone who's had a real English conversation. Henrieta encourages you not to check yourself unnecessarily too often, but find out a way to simply explain everything you have to say. If you thought that you English is not understandable, she will certainly understand you and point you the right way to make you feel an improvement. Great! I have always needed such an approach from a teacher. As for me, thumb-up and I give five start out of five! Keep it up, Henrieta! I look forward to seeing you soon!
Stanislav Senko
Logistics, BOSCH spol. s r.o.
I'm very satisfied with English lessons and I'm always looking forward to them. The education is understandable and well-structured, switching from grammar to conversations as needed. Henrieta is very nice, helpful and flexible. The lessons with her are very comfortable and motivating. Recommend to everyone.
Katarína Vidová
Administrative worker, Bosch s.r.o.
100% responsibility, reliability as well as flexibility. Lecturer is willing and kind. She's been preparing my daughter for exams for many years, I have always been excessively satisfied. I highly recommend her to everyone.
Katarína Nagyová
žiačka sára

Why E.L.I.M.O.?


Ponúkame Vám kvalitné vzdelanie, ktoré je zastrešované kvalitnými lektormi, ktorí sa každý mesiac školia a vylepšujú svoje kvality. Každý z našich lektorov má skúsenosti zo zahraničia alebo z danej krajiny priamo pochádza.


Our offer consists of a palette of languages, which you can learn under the guidance of our lecturers who love their native language.

Individual approach

In contrast to many language schools and agencies in Bratislava and in Slovakia in general, we provide an individual approach and assistance with almost anything language related 24/7.

Make new friends

Naši študenti nie sú len naši zákazníci, ale stávajú sa z nich naši najlepší kamaráti. Spolu organizujeme mnoho team buildingov a akcii pre klientov, aby sme sa spoznali, a aby sme vedeli lepšie pripraviť hodiny práve pre Vás!


Possibilities we offer are quite special in terms of catching a train of language skills development and hopping into a learning process. It will not be quick, but it will bring the fruit. We will get you there!


ELIMO was founded based on not-so-ideal experience with other language agencies. Be it our experience or that of our students, we have come in contact with many unpleasant and wrong approach in ways of teaching foreign language. Me, as a founder, aim to offer the best when it comes to both studying and teaching foreign language, since I know times are tough at the foreign language market.

Contact us...
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