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ELIMO is a language agency founded by a young and ambitious lecturer, willing to share her knowledge from abroad not only among her lecturers but also among her students. While I remember how tough were the beginnings, I'm doing everything to make it as easy as possible on your long journey learning a foreign language. 

ELIMO is a language agency that teaches in multiple world-famous companies and builds strong characteristics in its team of lecturers. These are regularly trained and clients have an opportunity to express their opinion on them at any given time - we contact them on a regular basis in order to identify a room for improvement and what adjustments they desire to be implemented regarding their lessons. 

The lessons are given mostly by native speakers, who are excellent in their language, therefore students are forced to speak the chosen language in all lessons. 

We try to provide the best education to our clients and that is why we're constantly trying to improve not on the lessons as they are, but also out own knowledge, to further provide nothing but the education of high-end quality, which is gathered by years of hard-earned experience.  

Our lecturers have a very good and friendly relationship with their students coming from a communication on a daily basis. Our lessons are not about tedious memorizing of unnecessary Future Perfect Continuous, but instead we approach the teaching as understanding of a foreign language and having fun doing so. 

We prefer quality to quantity, that is why we tend to teach smaller groups rather than big ones. Many of our clients have negative experience from other language courses where the education quality is poor given the great number of students - we try to strictly avoid giving lessons in such fashion. 

We play various language-oriented games with kids to encourage them using the language, they soak the most knowledge while having fun! We strive to make kids look forward to lessons, have fun in the process and laugh a lot. We understand that it is not essential to just lecture them, but instead to notice and learn the way they learn. 

In companies we focus on what your employees need in their daily agenda and what sector a company operates in. We prepare all materials beforehand, according to nature of the company so thing such as a manager in a hotel will study terms of what a carpenter needs..

If you are interested in another language, do not hesitate to contact us and together we will find a solution tailored to your needs and provide you with the best expert in the given language.


Why is our way of teaching the right one?

Mainly because we focus on every single student INDIVIDUALLY. That means things such as attending a course lesson without having real opportunity to speak or take no value of it can not happen. All of your requirements are ALWAYS heard, during sessions you can freely speak to lecturer yourself. That means no more annoying foreign language courses, fear, discomfort or aversion to even come to a session. We try our best to make you look forward to our course, get the most out of it and get all of your questions ALWAYS answered.

As a bonus we organize joint meetings where we get to know each other, make friends. Kids and adults can become acquainted with their lecturer in order to minimize possible tensions and barriers from the very beginning with NO STRESS whatsoever. 

As our new feature, we plan on hosting public presentations of basic problematics of English, we will keep you updated on our Facebook page.

We are looking forward to you very much! 

Do you like our story and would like to try our teaching in a foreign language?

Simply sing up for a trial lesson! All you have to do is fill our our form or contact us in any other way. 

Why E.L.I.M.O.?


We offer you a quality education that is carried out by our proven lecturers constantly improving their skills every month.


Our offer consists of a palette of languages, which you can learn under the guidance of our lecturers who love their native language.

Individual approach

In contrast to many language schools and agencies in Bratislava and in Slovakia in general, we provide an individual approach and assistance with almost anything language related 24/7.

Make new friends

Our students are not just our customers, they become our best friends. Together we organize many teambuilding activities and events for our clients to get to know each other a bit and to make the lessons better suit your needs!


Possibilities we offer are quite special in terms of catching a train of language skills development and hopping into a learning process. It will not be quick, but it will bring the fruit. We will get you there!


ELIMO was founded based on not-so-ideal experience with other language agencies. Be it our experience or that of our students, we have come in contact with many unpleasant and wrong approach in ways of teaching foreign language. Me, as a founder, aim to offer the best when it comes to both studying and teaching foreign language, since I know times are tough at the foreign language market.

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