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As a main benefit I would especially point out the effective use of time during our classes, whether it is various exercises or conversation lessons. Also a systematic approach when explaining and linking the subject help to speed up the learning process a lot. Last but not least, I really liked the reliability and punctuality of the lecturer.
Martin Smoľák
Executive manager, RoboTech Vision s.r.o.
Heny has been teaching my son for several years already. We're very satisfied with the lessons and appreciate the willingness and flexibility, they have been very beneficial for my son.
Mária Karlíková
I was extremely satisfied with the lessons, the lecturer has a professional approach and is flexible, she has always adapted to my lesson requirements.
Zita Olgyayova
Facility Manager, Bosch s.r.o.
The lessons are tailor-made. The lecturer always focuses on what I'm interested in. The course is run informally and for the duration of a few months my conversation skills have improved by a lot. I like that fact that we don't have to follow the pace of books and that there is flexibility.
Mária Herczogová
Medtronic Slovakia s.r.o.
Dcéra absolvovala denný tábor s Henrietou a veľmi sa jej páčila zábavná forma výučby angličtiny v prirode. Heňa je veľmi milá a kreatívna, čo sa deťom veľmi páči. Sme s jej prácou veľmi spokojni a tešíme sa na ďalšie stretnutia. Ďakujeme 😃👍
Daniela Dudomová
Student Sofia
100% responsibility, reliability as well as flexibility. Lecturer is willing and kind. She's been preparing my daughter for exams for many years, I have always been excessively satisfied. I highly recommend her to everyone.
Katarína Nagyová
Student Sára
If you need to improve your self-confidence in English conversations, if you need to learn to speak English fluently without bothering to think about the grammar, Henrieta is the right choice then. The courses are funny, interesting, you can always expect what is the best for the real English conversation. It's great to have a possibility to draw on the experiences of someone who's had a real English conversation. Henrieta encourages you not to check yourself unnecessarily too often, but find out a way to simply explain everything you have to say. If you thought that you English is not understandable, she will certainly understand you and point you the right way to make you feel an improvement. Great! I have always needed such an approach from a teacher. As for me, thumb-up and I give five start out of five! Keep it up, Henrieta! I look forward to seeing you soon!
Stanislav Senko
Logistics, BOSCH spol. s r.o.
Every single lesson was very pleasant and passed rather quickly. As I learned, I also had fun during the lessons. I recommend everyone to try it, whether for children, students, adults or even the elders.
Dominika Horňáková, student
I'm very satisfied with English lessons and I'm always looking forward to them. The education is understandable and well-structured, switching from grammar to conversations as needed. Henrieta is very nice, helpful and flexible. The lessons with her are very comfortable and motivating. Recommend to everyone.
Katarína Vidová
Administrative worker, Bosch s.r.o.
Henrieta is kind very tolerant. Grandson happened to like her very quickly and I'm extremely happy with her. He's been taught only for a year now but he's made great progress and learned more than he had learned at school before (he has English 4 times a week at school). It was mainly his conversation skills that improved. She is young but experienced lecturer and I can only recommend her. With regards, satisfied granny Eli.
Student Gabko
Thanks to Elimo and Ms. Henrieta Harcsová, my English level has greatly improved. Approach of Ms. Harcsová was very professional and pleasant. In our lessons, I didn't have to be afraid to ask anything regarding English, because everything was answered and explained to me. We covered everything from written exercises to extensive and complicated conversations in English. Thank you and I definitely recommend!
Lessons with Elimo are tailor-made. The lecturer always focuses on what a student lacks in skill and adjusts the following lessons accordingly. The courses are run informally and the student doesn't have to undergo stressful exams. Additionally, the lecturer offers time flexibility and always comes prepared.
We were very satisfied with the lecturer.
Marketing, RoboTech Vision s.r.o.
We were very satisfied with the lecturer.
Andrea Machovská
Student Sofinka
My son is very satisfied with Henrieta's approach and looks forwards to the lessons. She has been teaching him for several years and we definitely want to continue also in the next school year.
Lenka Kristlová
Student Tomáš
Henrieta was very kind, flexible in time and open to my teaching requirements. Lessons went on a professional level. I was very satisfied and can only recommend her.
Monika Staneková
Investment Department
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